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Laurel Suarez, a seasoned professional with a quarter-century's worth of experience in the education and small business sectors, brings a unique blend of knowledge, vision, and leadership to her endeavors. She's particularly focused on supporting charter schools and small business owners. Her passion lies in helping clients evolve a simple idea into a thriving start-up company.

As a proactive professional with a results-driven approach, Laurel has consistently contributed to excellence in educational and administrative settings. She has played a crucial role in managing essential accreditation, compliance, and the initiation of school and small business start-ups. By ensuring seamless communication between internal teams, she upholds regulatory adherence. Laurel's extensive industry experience as an instructor and senior leader is widely recognized. She offers an all-around perspective on organizational needs and operations that promotes continual growth and success. Committed to aiding entrepreneurs in building profitable businesses, Laurel also assists non-profit start-ups in gaining visibility.

Laurel's professional services span a wide array of sectors, including charter and private schools, businesses, non-profit start-ups, district accreditation, state compliance, partnership development, social media management, and marketing for emerging organizations.


She established the Croix Management Group, now known as CompassPointe,  and ventured into consulting after garnering 17 years of invaluable experience in various roles in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. These roles included positions such as school principal, regional director of school operations responsible for initiating new schools and compliance, human resources director, micro-computer technical manager, and educator.

In 2014, guided by faith, Laurel began designing and launching the Compass Outreach and Education Center, providing tutoring services to students in South Florida. Driven by a desire to transform the education landscape, she sought to provide students with an opportunity to explore, discover, and learn in an environment that promotes individuality, play, and movement.  After an extensive property search in 2019, Compass found a permanent home. The Cognia-accredited school offers both full-time and hybrid school programs, providing enrollment options that cater to the varying lifestyles of its families.

Laurel is a published author and alumnus of Florida's Nova Southeastern University, where she earned her Master of Science in Education degree.


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